Iceland Wants to Be Your Social Media Campaign

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We're Takk Takk, and we help companies (and one very special country) make friends and influence people. Here below are some of the things that people have said about our project Iceland Wants to Be Your Friend, the official social media campaign of the Icelandic Tourist Board.

Quotes from various blogs and things

"[Iceland Wants to Be Your Friend's] remarkably well coordinated and designed suite of social media tools is an invitation to travelers, business folk and marketers alike. It’s also a lesson in the aesthetic value of consistency, simplicity and friendliness … Any business, large or small, could follow the logic behind Iceland’s approach with profit … Will it attract visitors and business? It’s certainly convinced me to book a flight for my next holiday."

— Niland Mortimer, CBS International Business Network (link)

"With Iceland wants to be your friend, Iceland puts in place an intelligent and focused strategy of Tourism 2.0. It is in my view, a veritable compendium of best practices of CSM (Customer Social Management) … At a time many brands’ and institutions’ social media campaigns tend to take a pushy tone, Iceland Wants to Be Your Friend is resolutely conversational, with a humble and humorous tone [which] positions Iceland as a rather upscale destination … The refinement is, in fact, pushed to extremes … I leave you to judge -- I personally think it’s great art … With all of this, would you not want to go on holiday in Iceland? I would."

— Nicolas Reitz, Consultant web & event média, Solemio (link | translation)

"Iceland is exemplary in terms of the simplicity and finesse of its approach … Impeccable execution … A country that has understood that on the Internet, the relational dimension is an indispensable prerequisite."

— Bruno Clement, Medias Sociaux (link | translation)

"Intriguing … Engaging and remarkable … Incredibly well done … The Iceland marketing effort takes things to a whole new level … Consider me sold."

— Ross Hudgens, 12 Unusually Incredible Marketing Campaigns (link)

"The team at Takk Takk turned what could of been a daunting brief into delightful work. Commissioned to promote tourism in Iceland, they turned to the web, email and social media to launch a campaign bent on giving an entire country a friendly, quirky personality."

— Roz Hodgkiss, Campaign Monitor (link)

"I must confess that I know next to nothing about Iceland — I certainly never thought of it as an example of best practice social media campaigning — but after stumbling across this amazing campaign, I’m almost convinced that I should buy a plane ticket … It is a great case study of how to run a consistent theme, message and identity across multiple platforms — where they can all build upon each other, rather than be diluted … The logic behind Iceland’s approach is worth considering — whether for political, union or NGO campaigns. Consistency, a range of social media channels, and an authentic voice are all reasons that this campaign stands out for me."

— Alex White (link)

"Go here right now: This marketing campaign is absolutely hilarious, genius, and refreshing. I want to be Iceland’s friend, a lot, after reading through all this (go to the Twitter or Facebook page for more fun)."

— Alex Cornell, ISO50 (link)

"The campaign from the Icelandic Tourist Board is one of the most fun tourism campaigns I’ve seen. The same theme is carried over across the island’s Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Vimeo accounts, with several pieces that actually made me laugh out loud."

— About Foursquare (link)

"With this personal touch, the Icelandic Tourist Board’s campaign Iceland Wants to Be Your Friend speaks to active, young Internet users for whom social media represents the main communication environment. The laid-back language encourages dialogue … which also means huge savings in advertising. After the infamous volcano and the collapse of Icelandic economy this is the rebirth of Iceland as a brand that will attract mainly young tourists … We can only hope that [the Slovenian] Tourism Association can learn something from this."

— Nina Tanner, Online Campaign Consultant, Article on (link | translation)

"Compare [the Italian] tourism portal with what the Icelanders are doing, and tell me which is the coolest of the two countries."

— Roberto Venturini: L'Islanda vuole essere tua amica su Foursquare (link | translation)

“It will make you smile and feel a happy, warm Icelandic glow inside.”

— Travelcuts (link)

“Whoever’s creating this is super hip. This is what bosses want when they say they want to leverage Facebook, Twitter and the Web. What I don’t think they get is how hard it is to actually be effective with it.”

— YCombinator (link)

“The most brilliant marketing campaign ever.

— Kim's Kitchen Sink (link)

“Eine sehr originelle Initiative des Icelandic Tourist Board.”

— Astrid Kuckartz (link)

“One of the nicest campaigns of recent years.”

— PocketCultures (link)

“Simple, straightforward, but extremely effective — inspiring near-fanatical outpourings from Iceland enthusiasts near and far.”

— Justin Pickard (link)

Some quotes from Twitter

@Magsedoyle: "I simply can't find anyone else doing a better job than Iceland Tourist board at social media."

@Canuckflack: "Iceland Wants To Be Your Friend is bloody brilliant clear persuasive social promo work."

@thomaswanhoff: "@thisisiceland is the best tourism marketing campaign ever. If I still would be living in Europe, I had booked my flights already."

@justinpickard: "So, @thisisiceland has an epic media strategy. Might be the best I've seen."

@nickwreden: "Iceland may be bankrupt, but they know how to use social media for tourism marketing."

@JeffJarvis: "A country has a social strategy: Iceland. (Found through a Tweetie ad.)"

@luckyisgood: "I am now following the amazing @thisisiceland on Twitter + Foursquare + Facebook. Our Croatian tourist board is decades behind you. #respect"

@kommunikationnu: "Island vil være din ven. Sympatisk og elegant formidlet ved hjælp af traditionelle social"

@simon_staffans: "Doffing my cap here: Iceland wants to be your friend."

@unhotel: "Nice to see a country get its marketing right:“

@BrendaJohima: "How Can You Say No? You Can't. Iceland wants to be your friend..."

@inplymouth: "A brilliantly simple piece of destination marketing from Iceland."

@lizstrauss: "Seen Iceland’s website? Iceland Wants To Be Your Friend, brilliantly..."

@eMichaelPower: "Must say I like Iceland's somewhat cheeky approach to social media.”

@fuen: "Iceland has the single best tourist ad campaign in the world:"

@Brittany: "This is so charming I want to cry. Who wants to go to Iceland with me?"

@hillholliday: "Iceland wants to be your friend. This is how a _country_ uses social media."

@roxvelozo: "I think this is genius:"

@joaon: "Ao cuidado do Turismo de Portugal: uma presença decente nas redes sociais é isto:"

@CraigElimeliah: "So damn smart. Iceland gets it."

@GlennF: "I simply adore the @thisisiceland visitors' campaign. I already wanted to visit Iceland. Now I really want to visit. Just 7+ hours from SEA"

@kimskitchensink: "I am kind of in love with the tweets, blogs, and general internet-related activities of @thisisiceland"

@ajmichell_: "@thisisiceland sends the BEST emails. They always brighten my day.”

@soysauce357: "Iceland definitely has the best marketing campaign of any country. Whose great idea was this?"

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